Light Hugo cocktail (elderflower Prosecco cocktail)

hugo cocktail elderflower prosecco cocktail

Recipe makes two large and very light Hugo cocktails.
Easily split into 4 servings.


  • ice cubes (I use 3-5 per glass)
  • 60ml (4 tablespoons) elderflower syrup
  • 200ml (7 fl oz) Prosecco or sparkling wine
  • 150200ml (5-7 fl oz) sparkling mineral water (or club soda or seltzer)
  • a handful of mint leaves
  • lime slices (optional)


  1. Place ice cubes in each glass. Pour over the syrup, then add Prosecco and mineral water.
  2. Lastly add a nice bunch of mint leaves to each glass. And, if you want, a slice or two of lime.


This cocktail today is a lighter version of the Hugo cocktail, making it more a spritzer than a cocktail. For the ultimate classic Hugo, use these quantities (per glass, from the official source):
– Ice cubes
– 30ml elderflower syrup
– 70ml Prosecco
– 20ml mineral water
– mint leaves

If you can’t find elderflower syrup at your grocery store, you can also get it at Ikea. I’ve bought it there before and it’s a good one!

For those days when you don’t feel like having a cocktail or even a mocktail, just add some elderflower syrup to your water and enjoy it like that. It’s my childhood favorite!