Jan – February bits and bobs

Jan - February bits and bobs - coffee

Is it really March already? The calendar says so, but I’m still convincing myself it is. The days go by so fast, I really can’t believe we’re in the third month of the new year. I purposely didn’t check in at the end of January, “check in” with this type of post I mean, as I do share bits and pieces regularly along with the recipes. But January was just a blur – like a fog stretched over the lake, when you can’t see the forest, but you know it’s there. A month in which I did share recipes and I know it all happened, but it was so mundane and went by so quickly all I can say is it came and went and that’s it. It does almost feel like it didn’t happen at all.

February was better. If January was the month of me just staring at the fog, February was the month I got back in the boat and began paddling again, got past the fog, to the other side, to the forest. More testing and cooking, more new recipes and ideas. But you’re up to date about all of that.

Jan - February bits and bobs - liane moriarty big little lies

Jan - February bits and bobs - big little lies book
Another thing that has happened is that I’ve began reading fiction again. I love books, all sorts of books, but it was time for me to start reading things besides cookbooks and advice books again. The first book I read was Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and I loved it. The characters and their stories pulled me in and the book was a quick and easy read. I often found myself staying up till 3 AM, reading in bed and while I was tired, I felt so content and relaxed it even gave me new energy in the kitchen.

It is raining now as I write this and it smells like Spring out there. I am excited for this month.

Jan - February bits and bobs - snow

Jan - February bits and bobs kim


– most memorable bits –


Gone Girl
FINALLY! I do plan on reading the book as well, but the movie was pretty great. A bit dark and crazy, which is right up my alley.

Horrible Bosses
A fun watch. Because we’ve all dealt with horrible bosses in our lives at some point.

Friday nights are reserved for Scandal and I just love that show. The drama around Olivia, the situation with Fitz, crazy Huck and his broken puppy eyes and we finally saw Rowan again!

The Walking Dead
This is finally getting interesting again and as loyal as I am, of course I’m watching it.

And many more.

Favorite moment:
After weeks of being sick, we finally started going out more, and that includes going out to eat. I’ve missed sushi (vegetarian, of course) and falafel! The place we go to is owned by a Palestinian family and they are true pros, because nothing beats their falafel wraps. They are just incredible.

Also, all the snowy days!


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