I’ve got news!

I’ve got news!

I've got news - Rihanna Anti cake

Now, bear with me. Because as you start reading this it might look like bad news at first, especially from your perspective, but trust me it’s good news only. 

Before I dig in deeper, I’ll just say it, so you don’t have to read through paragraphs of rambling before you get to the point, to what matters the most. I am taking a little blog break.

The need for a break isn’t anything new, as I’ve talked about it briefly in this post. At the time, I was so sure the holiday break was enough for me, but I’ve now come to the realization that it just wasn’t. I’ve been pushing it away for a long time, this little voice inside telling me to take a breather, to just let myself be for a while, without all the pressure. And then when I slowly accepted the fact that I do need a break, I’d say to myself “wait until the right time.”

But what does that even mean? What is the right time? When? I’ve come to realize that there is no such thing. You should do it when your body tells you to and everything else will just have to wait. I’ve struggled with finding some middle way between needing to take a break and wanting to post. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less and more sporadically and I’m not really happy with that.

If I’ve learned anything in life, is that self-care should always come first. But why is it that we can so often do everything and more for others, but not ourselves?

I’ve even been putting off publishing this post, because once I do all of this becomes real and the break I’m talking about needs to happen. But I do need it. I need to cancel out the noise. Don’t get me wrong. I love doing what I do. I have so many ideas, a long list of things I want to make. But I need to step back and clear my head a bit before I allow myself to work again. I want to get a better perspective, a fresh outlook. I need enough time to get back to that state of mind where I know that I am enough and when I don’t compare myself to others.

And also there is work that needs to be done in the background. The tedious tasks that will ultimately make the blog better. Not focusing on cooking and posting will allow me to dedicate more time to that.

Ultimately, these improvements will benefit all of us, me as a creator and you as a member of my community. This blog is about to get A LOT better in the next few months and hopefully you’ll still be here to enjoy it. As I am a one woman show, things just take more time for me.

I won’t be gone for that long though. I’m planning on returning in the second half of April. In the meantime I’ll try to be active on Instagram. That’s also the place where I’ll share any updates or news regarding this break and new posts.

This pause will also allow me to focus more on Fergie. I haven’t talked about this yet, but she’s been having some health problems for a while now. She was treated for something else first, which didn’t work and now she’s being treated for asthma and is responding well to the medication. Feline asthma is a real thing and these past few weeks with Fergie have been a wild ride and I just hope she keeps getting better and better. But taking time away from work has given me the opportunity to monitor her more closely, give her medicine every 12 hours and just be there when she needs something.

Oh, I feel like this blog post is a bit all over the place. As if I just glued some post-it notes together. I hope you guys get what I’m saying though and can understand my need for a break.

Much love,



P.S. The cake above is a Rihanna – Anti inspired cake I made back in February. I think I need to work on the recipe a bit more before I share it with you one day.




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  1. Libby wrote:

    I hope the break serves you well and you’ll return invigorated, and of course, that Fergie gets better soon. Take care of yourself lovely!

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
    • Alice wrote:

      Thank you so much, Libby!

      Posted 3.25.17 Reply