Here’s what’s up (update)

Summer strawberries - here's what's up update

Okay, so… clearly we are way past the second half of April. To anyone that has read this post, you know what I’m talking about.
I thought it was only fair to give you an update, just to let you know that the blog isn’t dead and that I’m still working on things. There’s been a lot more happening in my daily life though, so I’ve pushed my work aside.

Here’s what’s up:

1) Fergie is still being treated for asthma, which might become a forever thing for us, but she is feeling so much better that it’s hard to even tell she has a condition of some sort. We’ve only had a few not-as-good days and I hope things continue to improve.

2) Life works in funny ways. While Fergie is fine, we had to take Peggy to the vet too. She’s a poor thing who always, alwaaays, has problems with her gums so she had to go in for some dental work.

Anyway, she had to have some teeth pulled and I was a wreck for a few days because she was too. If you’ve ever seen a cat or a dog come out of anaesthesia you know it’s a pretty scary thing. And I’ve seen that many times over the years, but this time was a lot scarier. Peggy was not only stoned, like completely out of it, for the rest of the day after her operation, she was also foaming around the mouth and vomiting. And I pretty much sat somewhere close to her at all times, just to make sure she was safe.

TMI for some, I know, but maybe some of you can relate? It’s been about a month now and she finally seems to be back to her old self.

3) My grandpa, who I mention every now and then, had to go to the hospital for a heart procedure. It was an overnight decision made by one of his doctors so we were all taken by surprise. He’s doing much better now though, so that’s good.

4) Now this is a big one…


Our landlord needs the place for himself, so we have to move. And you know I like renting, it’s not awful, but moving… ugh, I hate. And what I hate even more than that is looking for a new place. Finding one with enough space and light seems to be hard enough, but put the cats into the equation and we are screwed.

We did have some luck and we found a place in about a week and it took us another two weeks to finalize things. However I won’t be calm until we are completely moved. And until our internet is working! The rest are just technicalities – like informing the bank, getting a new driver’s license, updating our passports, etc.

It’s all going down in the next two weeks and I hope we are done with everything by the middle of June.

FYI, my moving diet:

Soooo… as you see I’ve had my hands full. But I plan for Mitzy At Home to be fully alive again sometime in late June. On the upside – this new place has a brand new UNUSED kitchen! I am equally excited and scared to use it, but oh boy… I’ll be cooking up a storm, I know that already.

I hate that you have to wait for my recipes and I love you for being patient but trust that they’re coming. Also with a more regular posting schedule. You know… just in time to mess up your summer diet, haha.

Much love

P.S. How amazing do those strawberries look?? I’m so happy the summer produce is here.



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  1. Yoko tallie wrote:

    Hi, Mitzy, what a life you and your family are sailing ⛵️ Cat and gum problem is what our garden cat went through, and we’ve been there… We pray for both your beautiful buddies. And a brand new kitchen! Am too busy enjoying the wonderful adventure you have guided your readers since the start, what a treasure trove. Delicious adventure awaits you, please take time and be kind to yourself <3 –Yoko T

    Posted 5.30.17 Reply
    • Alice wrote:

      Thank you so much Yoko, your comments always make me smile. 🙂
      Sending love to you and your garden kitty!


      Posted 5.30.17 Reply