Heart-shaped felt toys for cats

Heart-shaped felt toys for cats

No need to buy toys, when you can make your own in minutes! Cats love them!


  • Felt  (use any thickness you wish, mine was 3.5 mm thick)
  • Thread (in the colour of your choice) + a needle
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Catnip (lots of catnip!)
  • scissors
  • paper and a pen


  1. Take your paper and fold it in half. Draw 1/2 of a heart onto it and then cut it out, so that you get a whole heart. You could also make a heart shape on your computer, or find a template online, and then print it out. But I decided to go “handmade all the way” and just did it by hand, it’s quicker too.
  2. Pin your heart to your felt and cut out a felt heart (twice).
  3. Now it’s time to start sewing. Put your thread through the needle and tie the ends together. Then put one heart piece on top of the other and hold them together firmly, or pin them together to make things easier.
  4. Start sewing the pieces together at the upper middle of the heart, using a whip stitch (I think this one works best). You want to sew almost all the way around it, about 3/4 of the heart.
  5. Then put in some catnip, next fill if with fiberfill and add catnip again. Continue sewing (and add more fiberfill if needed) until you come to your beginning point. Stitch it together well, make a knot in the end.