Golden Gate Bridge / San Francisco pt. 4

golden gate bridge san francisco

It’s been a while since I first shared some of my photos from San Francisco. I originally planned to share everything at once, but then realized that would just flood the blog with SF and nothing else. So I decided to do it in parts. And here we are now, at part number 4. 🙂

I had to visit the Golden Gate bridge. Rok and I took a Lyft there one Saturday morning, and because Rok had been there before he was a great tour guide. The Lyft driver was pretty great too, he told us a lot about the history on our way there.  The weather was a bit bipolar, which is basically normal SF weather. Sunny one minute, foggy and windy the next. I had to go to the gift shop ASAP, because I left my sunglasses back at the house and my eyes kept watering. And the only way you can admire the bridge is if you actually see it. But the 5 dollar sunglasses fixed the problem immediately.

golden gate bridge san francisco

We walked all the way to the first tower. I did feel a bit anxious walking on the bridge with so many people around. I’m not a fan of big crowds, but that  is just part of the experience. I doubt the bridge is ever really crowd-free. The view was amazing. You can see the Alcatraz, Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field from the bridge.

golden gate bridge san francisco

The fog in San Francisco is really something else. It’s different from the “normal” fog I’m used to. It started to roll in and I was just so fascinated by it.

golden gate bridge san francisco

We walked back and took some time to have  coffee. Now, we only did this because we decided not to take a Lyft back to the house, but instead walk all the way through the Crissy Field to the Palace of Fine Arts. And because that is quite a walk, we needed something to drink. And we felt like having coffee, although there wasn’t really much choice. My advice is to avoid the coffee place at the bridge, if you can. From my experience all tourist spots have lousy coffee and this cafe was no different. It was just a watery tasteless mess. The place was packed though. 🙂



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  1. Ula @ Blog of Erised wrote:

    I am so in love with this city and I’ve never even been there. XD I just love it, probably because of Charmed TV show. 😀 😛
    Lovely pics!

    Posted 2.23.14 Reply
    • Alice wrote:

      Haha, I remember Charmed. 🙂 And thanks!

      Posted 2.24.14 Reply