DIY Funny Valentine’s day treat bags

diy funny valentines day treat bags

Make someone feel loved with a funny Valentine’s day treat bag, filled with chocolate, a funny note and confetti.


What you need

  1. paper – plain or colored
  2. scissors
  3. pencil + colored pens
  4. stapler + staples
  5. candy of choice
  6. confetti
  7. washi tape (optional)


How to

  1. First prepare the templates: You can either print out multiple copies of the heart and diamond templates, cut them out and use those. Or you can print out one of each, then take a piece of paper and lay it over the chosen symbol, trace it with the pencil, then cut it out. This is more time consuming, but saves up on the ink and makes it possible to use paper that doesn’t fit into a printer.
  2. You need two identical cut outs for each treat bag.
  3. If you want to draw or write on the paper, do so before stapling.
  4. Put both cut outs on top of each other and staple all around, leaving a 5-cm (2-inch) opening on one side.
  5. Fill the bag with candy, confetti and a quote. Staple the remaining gap.
  6. If you want, decorate the edge with washi tape. This is easy to do with the diamond, but hard with the heart because of its rounded corners.

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