DIY Funny Valentine’s day treat bags

diy funny valentines day treat bags

I don’t know what the situation is like in your area, but over here, pretty much every store has a “red” section at the moment, dedicated to the upcoming Valentine’s day. Heart-shaped lollipops, chocolate boxes filled with pretty pralines, chocolate flowers, cards, baloons, heart shaped donuts, heart-shaped everything. That’s just the grocery stores. All stocked and ready for you to buy a gift of love.

Ooh, how uncool does that sound? 

diy funny valentines day treat bags

And I think I’ll save my deeper thoughts about the holiday for a later time, because today I just want to share a quick and easy DIY gift with you. For me, Valentine’s day isn’t just reserved for lovers. It’s for those who love and are loved, it’s for everyone. Your mom, your sister, your friend, hey, even your dog or cat. As a proud pet owner, I include my cats in everything. Yeah, I’m that person.

diy funny valentines day treat bags

These Valentine’s day treat bags are so easy to make and they’re fun! You can make them for your classmates or coworkers, your book club or swim team. My favorite part besides the chocolates are the little notes I put into each bag. They’re funny sayings, inspired by the classic fortune cookie, that I hope will make at least some of you smile.

diy funny valentines day treat bags quotes

These are charming, right? Some may be a bit out there, some are more suitable for unattached people, others are more specific like the “I would press pause on NBA2K for you” which I actually thought of myself.

diy funny valentines day treat bags

But if any of you are into games you know that pressing pause in the middle of a game is hard sometimes.

It’s like when you’re watching a movie and that critical moment comes when a guy and a girl are about to kiss or when a girl is walking through a dark house with a killer inside and you’re clenching your fists all anxious, feeling uncertain of what’s about to happen.

You’re not supposed to press pause in those moments, it kills the vibe. So saying you’d do it anyway means something, huh? 

diy funny valentines day treat bags

Like I’ve said, these treat bags are very simple to make. And to make the job even easier for you, you can download all the funny sayings and templates, so you’ll really have these ready in no time. They also won’t cost you a fortune and can make a lot of people in your life pretty happy. Or just that one, you decide.

diy funny valentines day treat bags


DIY Funny Valentine’s day treat bags

Make someone feel loved with a funny Valentine’s day treat bag, filled with chocolate, a funny note and confetti.

  • Author: Alice
  • Category: DIY


What you need

  1. paper – plain or colored
  2. scissors
  3. pencil + colored pens
  4. stapler + staples
  5. candy of choice
  6. confetti
  7. washi tape (optional)


How to

  1. First prepare the templates: You can either print out multiple copies of the heart and diamond templates, cut them out and use those. Or you can print out one of each, then take a piece of paper and lay it over the chosen symbol, trace it with the pencil, then cut it out. This is more time consuming, but saves up on the ink and makes it possible to use paper that doesn’t fit into a printer.
  2. You need two identical cut outs for each treat bag.
  3. If you want to draw or write on the paper, do so before stapling.
  4. Put both cut outs on top of each other and staple all around, leaving a 5-cm (2-inch) opening on one side.
  5. Fill the bag with candy, confetti and a quote. Staple the remaining gap.
  6. If you want, decorate the edge with washi tape. This is easy to do with the diamond, but hard with the heart because of its rounded corners.

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