Autumn 2016 favorites

Ending November with a list of my Autumn 2016 favorites.

A list of Autumn 2016 favorites on | candles, beauty, books, clothes

Wow, days are just flying by, aren’t they?

I was going to share a few gift guides but then I thought it might be a little late for that. Do you guys have a set deadline for gift shopping? Personally, I’ve been trying really hard for the past few years to have everything ready by the end of November. I might still pick up some candies or smaller items, but anything bigger has been ordered already.

Shipping takes longer during the holidays and between the birthdays and Christmas and New Year’s I just don’t want to stress myself out with last minute gift shopping. Especially when everything is usually sold out anyway.

Butttt, here are my Autumn 2016 favorites which can serve as gift inspiration if you’re still looking for something. Even if it’s for yourself.

Let’s get to it.


The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty – I’m actually still reading this. I’ve been a slow reader this season, but I am enjoying the book so far which isn’t surprising at all because I always like Liane’s work.

Porter magazine – I always forget to mention Porter mag, but it’s honestly my favorite fashion magazine. They always have the best interviews and fashion spreads with beautiful photography.

A list of Autumn 2016 favorites on | candles, beauty, books, clothes


Scarves, the bigger the better, because it’s been super cold and windy out. The one pictured is from H&M, in a beautiful gray color which is my favorite, right after black and blue.

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight detox oil – I absolutely love this. There are days when I use an overnight mask instead, but I do love a good overnight oil. I used to be afraid of them, thinking they would make my face all greasy, but I couldn’t be more wrong. This oil dries fairly quickly and makes me feel like my skin is well protected. In the morning I just rinse my face and my skin is super soft and just genuinely looks better, like I’ve had a good night’s sleep, even if I didn’t.

By Terry rose balm – This balm is so nourishing! It has a subtle smell of roses which is really nice, but I love how it feels on my lips. It just makes them so soft without making them sticky. And for some reason I think it makes my lips look plump.

Joya Foxglove roll-on perfume – This was in one of the Net a Porter beauty boxes that I got as a gift from Rok a while back. It’s a good thing that it was, because I had never heard of Joya before that. Now, I didn’t use this much during the summer, because the scent is more of a wintry one for me, but oh my it’s a good one!

First of all, I love that this is a roll-on perfume, because it’s the perfect bag size and I can carry it around. The perfume itself isn’t strong, so you can reapply it throughout the day, which I know some people don’t like, but I honestly don’t mind. And the scent has it all – it’s fresh but sweet and musky. It’s just so cozy and warm and perfect for colder months. And a side note, but you can get a beautiful candle in the same scent. Want! 

Origins Starting over eye creamHoly eye cream! I’m so happy I have another one on the way, because I just ran out of it. This is my current favorite eye cream and it’s perfect. It’s not cheap, I know, but it’s a thick cream and a little goes a long way. This transforms my eyes immediately, it’s that good. It doesn’t have a scent at all or if it does I don’t notice it and neither do my eyes. I have crazy sensitive eyes and this cream is so gentle it doesn’t affect them at all. It leaves the skin soft and smoother.


Yankee Candle Honey Clementine candle – I cannot get over this. I’m not a fan of sickly sweet candles, but this one has the perfect dose of sweetness and citrus, so it’s not overpowering. I just love it so much and it’s perfect for this season.


RHONY and RHOC – Ohhh, is it bad that I’m naming these? I can’t help it. Out of all the reality TV, I love me some housewives. RH of Orange County were the first ones I ever watched years ago. I recently wanted to see if Vicki is still a part of the show and so on… and she is! I pretty much binge-watched the last season. It’s the perfect thing to have on when I’m working or when I’m so tired I can’t even think anymore.

And then there are the RH of New York which might be my favorite of the bunch. They’re just so entertaining. Rok always wonders how I manage to watch shows like these, because he hates all the screaming, but like I said – I can’t help it. They don’t make me nervous at all. They’re funny!

This is Us – I am addicted! I only have praise and heart eyes for this show. This is my favorite show out of all the new(er) ones. I love the cast and the variety they bring to the table. I love how this show touches on some serious things, but still has that uplifting spirit. It’s well written, it’s real but funny. I think it’s simply wonderful.

Mr Robot – Another favorite. I love this just as much as I love This is Us, but it’s a very different show.  The cast is great, I love how the show is filmed and written, it truly is excellent. And for any Law & Order fans, BD Wong has a really interesting role in it. That alone makes this show worth watching.

Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life – You probably guessed this one because I talk about it too much. They’ve finally release the revival on Netflix and I love it. Yeah, there are bits that I think need fixing but overall I think they brought back that original GG vibe – witty, charming, dreamy. And I still want to live in Stars Hollow.

As far as music goes, this season has been a mix of everything. But out of all the albums I think I’ve listened to Drake’s Take Care the most. Which is kind of funny because I’ve never been a huge Drake fan, but Take Care has a lot of gems on it.


That’s it! I don’t really have any stand-out food faves, but I think December will take care of that. Now I think I’ll go and see if any beauty sets are on sale. Companies always come out with the best stuff during the holidays, don’t they?


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