April bits and bobs

Why do days go by so fast and how is it May already?

April was a very normal month, nothing too exciting happened. I feel the city is slowly waking up from the winter’s sleep, with the longer and warmer days, it’s now ice-cream o’clock all the time, the tourists are everywhere, the trees are bushy and beautiful and the Open Kitchen (food market) is livelier than ever. The first Beer and Burger fest happened in April and we went, of course. Vegetarian burgers, craft beer and fries; can’t say no to that, right? (Sorry I didn’t take any pics, will try to do that the next time we go.)

april bits and bobs - ljubljana in april

april bits and bobs - ljubljana in april

But maybe I can’t remember a lot about April because it’s May and I’m too nervous to think about anything other than what is happening in May! We leave for our trip in a few weeks!


I mentioned this in the last Bits and Bobs post, but then forgot to tell you where we’re going exactly. It is no secret, really, we are finally going to Amsterdam! I couldn’t be more excited because I’ve been waiting for ages it seems. My head is filled with places I want to visit, I hope we get to most of them. Overall, I just want to have a good time, not put us on a tight schedule, I want to walk around relaxed and have a drink lying on the grass in Vondelpark. As Amsterdam is in the same time zone the traveling should be a breeze, so fingers crossed everything does go smoothly.

april bits and bobs - peggy

I’m most nervous because I don’t want to leave the cats alone. They’re my main concern and as excited as I am for leaving, my mama bear heart is struggling. But we got a great cat-sitter and she’ll visit them twice every day, so I know they’ll be well taken care of. I just have to keep reminding myself of this.

The blog won’t go on a break, so you won’t even know I’m gone (unless you follow me on Instagram, and you should, hehe, then you’ll see when I’m on holiday) or that is the plan right now. I will hopefully schedule a few posts for that week. I like to cook as I write or write as I cook, I should say, so I never really schedule posts ahead of time, but I’ll be testing myself on this in May.

Whatever happens the most important thing is that Amsterdam is finally happening!


april bits and bobs - spring blooms

>>> most memorable bits


The Nightcrawler
I’m convinced that Jake Gyllenhaal is getting better with age in every aspect. This was an amazing movie and so brutally real, I get chills when I think about it. The way the media operate, what people would do for a story, for a sell. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Mad Men
Well, the show is finally back and as much as I love it, getting back into it hasn’t been that easy. They’ve been on a break for too long. Seriously, why do certain shows do that?

Listened to:

Ben Howard
I listen to his music pretty much all the time. The vocal, the lyrics, the melodies, everything, he’s got it.


My excitement over reading fiction again is still there, somewhere. I fell into the vortex of library cookbooks in April and have been bringing home tons of books. And then I struggle with returning them all on time. Why do I always do this to myself?


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  1. Kelsey M wrote:

    Have tons of fun in Amsterdam!

    Posted 5.7.15 Reply
    • Alice wrote:

      Thanks Kelsey! 🙂

      Posted 5.8.15 Reply